Table Booking

Event Hosting: We provide avenue to host events at our restaurants. Be it birthdays, anniversary, celebrations, we host it all.

Our restaurants have good reputation of excellent food and customer centred service.

Which we think is the cornerstone of our restaurant.

Reservations:  Do you love eating at our restaurant, but hate waiting for an hour  for a table? Make a reservation at our restaurant.

  1. Call us 6314-4640(Turf City), 6308-0063(Punggol Ranch), 67107127(Hill View) or mail us at and let us know how many in your party and let us know what you will arrive. We suggest you make your reservation plenty ahead of time. Also let us know you prefer a booth or table.
  2. Tell us how many seats you would like to hold, or choose a pre-set menu or opt to dine off the restaurants standard menu. We will do the rest. We can assist with large groups or individual dinners.
  3. Arrive five minutes early with complete party. If someone is late or you have more coming than expected, call ahead and let us know. This saves time.